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Honorable prospective Delegates, 

Dear friends,

GöMUN 2014 is approaching and we are waiting for your applications!

From June 20th till June 23rd, Göttingen will be afloat with politics and interesting people who are eager to discuss the issue of "Security or Liberty - A Decision to Make?" in session, explore Göttingen and its region and enjoy the experience of GöMUN 2014.

For the 6th time, GöMUN welcomes its delegates and we are looking forward to young people, who will hopefully bring in their different perspectives and experiences, are motivated to make acquaintances with other interesting people and are ready to make GöMUN an enthralling MUN conference for all of us. We have three interesting committees prepared which will give you the opportunity to discuss vital and current matters of global interest. The Economic and Social Council will deal with "Economic Fraud and Industrial Espionage on a Multinational Scale - Possible Measures for Prevention, Prosecution and Punishment" and "Intelligence Operations - the fine Line Between Surveillance and Protection in an International Context", whereas the Security Council will debate how far a state can go to protect its national security, always ready to tackle any and all threats and crises that might occur. In addition, we will simulate the very important United Nations Human Rights Council which will discuss issues of "Ethnic Migration and Refugees".

Apart from exciting discussions in councils, we also prepared a very special social programme, which will give you the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful university city of Göttingen and get to know your fellow delegates not only during the formal sessions of the day, but also during diverting pub crawls with world cup football games included, barbecue and other special events like a fabulous delegate's dinner at night.

The Team of GöMUN 2014 is looking forward to meeting you in Göttingen, a town in the middle of Germany with one of Germany's oldest and most formidable universities. Come and join us on our journey through world politics in Göttingen in June 2014!

Yours truly

Nadja Taeger

Secretary General of GöMUN 2014


Please follow this link to our registration page: https://goemun.mymun.net/

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